Proud to be celebrating 14 years in business with a track record of telemarketing success for leading companies.

My passion is in identifying innovative, more profitable and powerful ways to help businesses reach and exceed their sales and business objectives. With these goals in mind and with over 25 years of experience I founded my own business in 2004.

My day to day business is providing Hands-on new business development services, sales and telemarketing as a professional service. I work with Sales and Marketing Directors and CEO’s to help them develop winning sales strategies, developing demand generation tactics.

Every day I am picking up the phone for a different client and business, all with very different services, products,ethos and people. I must quickly adapt and use my trusted methods, out of the box ideas and experience to get results.

With this experience, I provide hands-on bespoke telesales training workshops for in-house teams. Normal generic training courses, learning in an open- course environment means that you still need to go back and put all you have learnt into your business strategy.

My workshops are dedicated exactly to your business and incorporate think-tank sessions to discuss new ideas, and identify winning methods and ideas resulting in a brand new and exciting calling structure – from planning  to closing stage.

As we practice this together and grow confident and motivated, we share company success stories and the best bit , listening to me actually making calls as we learn each step – fun!

Please do get in touch if I may be able to help and to inject some Fresh Air into your telemarketing team.

My telephone number is 01872 562738

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